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Source: Sierra Leone Peace Museum

The decade-long conflict in Sierra Leone, which ended in 2002, caused widespread destruction and suffering in the country. Since its conclusion, the people of Sierra Leone have achieved remarkable reconciliation, growth and stability. Now that the nation has moved from under the shadows of ‘post-conflict reconstruction’ the Sierra Leone Peace Museum will open in 2012 to make sure the lessons of the past are not forgotten.

The Peace Museum will include a memorial to honour the suffering of the war’s victims, an exhibition that will tell the story of the war and the peace process to future generations, and an archive containing an unparalleled collection of documents relating to the conflict (such as the public records of the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL) and those of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission).

The Museum will be located on the site of the SCSL, the tribunal established to try those bearing greatest responsibility for the crimes committed during the conflict.  It will open in 2012 after the closure of the Court.

The Museum is currently being designed by a committee of Sierra Leonean governmental, public and civil society institutions, with support from the United Nations and the SCSL.

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