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District Six Museum interior

District Six ex-residents conduct a ritual of memory on the District Six site on the 44th anniversary of the day the area was declared a White Group Area, 11 February 2010. District Sixer's celebrating Heritage Day 2010
Source: District Six Museum Foundation


District Six was a culturally rich neighbourhood in the heart of Cape Town in South Africa that was razed to the ground after being declared a White Group Area in 1966. Over a period of twenty years 60 000 people were forcibly removed to the outskirts of the city, forced to live in group areas demarcated along racial lines.

The District Six Museum Foundation was established in 1989 and launched as a museum in 1994 to work with the memories of District Six and displaced people everywhere. It came into being as a vehicle for advocating social justice, as a space for reflection and contemplation and as an institution for challenging the distortions and half-truths which propped up the history of Cape Town and South Africa during apartheid. As an independent space where the forgotten understandings of the past are resuscitated, where different interpretations of that past are facilitated through its education, exhibitions and collections programmes, the Museum is committed to telling the stories of forced removals and assisting in the reconstitution of the community of District Six and Cape Town.

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